Azure Lake

Photo by Joe Lucas

AZURE LAKE UPDATE: On July 18, 2019 a dedicated volunteer work party of 9 headed to the Azure Lake Trail head to restore the first 2.3 km of this track to the 2nd creek crossing. The brush saw cleared the 100 metre approach to the trail head and about the first 600 metres of the trail. Hand brushwork continued the remaining distance up to the second creek crossing area. The 2 chainsaw crews cleared the trail of all the fallen timber with some trail widening on a 30 metre long section of a sandy slide. Rain gave way to glimpses of sunshine as the crew returned to the trail head and installed a trail head identification post before heading back down the FSRs and safely home. Many thanks to all of the volunteers who give their days to trail maintenance and restorations that provide us those awesome hiking trips!

​Trail captains Wayne and Harold did an assessment of the trail on Monday, August 19, 2019. The current phase of Azure Lake trail construction will be finished on Friday. The new trail alignment is built out all the way to the camping spot at the end of the Lake. The new bridge is in at the second creek crossing. There is still some work left to be done by volunteers probably in September, including cutting a small amount of deadfall on section 2 of the trail, doing more brushing and clearing on the entire trail alignment and a trailhead sign to be installed. Also, some work still to be done on a few wet spots on section 2. GPS tracking of the trail indicates it is 6.5 km from the parking lot to the camping spot at the lake, the elevation gain is 683 meters. The lake is not Azure anymore, but an interesting colour of green, the smaller lake is now more of an azure blue.

Maintenance Activities for 2019