Trail Map

Reminder: motorized access to the trailhead ends October 15 and re-opens June 15 every year.

Mineral Pass - looking west:  Photo by Joe Lucas

Brewer trail is designated as a non-motorized and non-mechanical (no mountain bikes) trail by RSTBC.

  Road Directions to Brewer Creek Trail

​​A STMS work crew went in on the 18th to brush back the vegetation on the  road and on the trail.  A grader has been at work on the road which will help with some of the potholes, but may have pulled up a rock or two in the process.  Drive with caution.  The last 2 km a high-clearance vehicle is still required.

Trailhead Upgrades
A log-and-plank picnic table was hauled in pieces to the trailhead, assembled and installed on July 13th, 2021. Funding for the picnic table was provided by the Rotary Club of Invermere.

 Update: July 18, 2023

Brewer Creek