‚ÄčOn June 20th, 2019, an STMS-organized work party completed maintenance work on the Brewer Creek trail and upper access road. A highlight of the work bee excursion was an encounter with a very large grizzly bear and her two cubs. Occupants of the lead vehicle first noted a cub crossing the upper access road. Subsequently, the mother bear presented herself in a clearly agitated state, rearing on her hind legs and waving her front legs aggressively at a distance of about 15 m from the vehicle. She then moved off into the bush, leaving work party members grateful for the protection provided by vehicles. Grizzly encounters are not uncommon at this time of year, so being cautious and aware is very important. The road (from the bridge to the trailhead) had been compromised by extensive erosion and puddling resulting from water running down the roadway. In two prior years, an excavator and operator were engaged to repair several old water bars, add some new ones, repair the road at a washout and fill the trenches created by erosion. The access road is now in the best shape that it has been in over a span of two decades. Work was continued from previous years to completely restore the proper creek channel as well as improve the re-routed trail and short log bridge spanning the creek. Approximately a dozen windfalls were cleared from the upper trail. A new sign indicating that motorized use of the trail is prohibited was installed at the trail fork located 0.7 km from the trailhead. The previous sign had been vandalized. Brushing of alder along the upper roadway is an annual component of the maintenance program. The 3-km road section terminating at the trailhead was brushed again this year to create ample width for vehicle travel without contacting branches. The trailhead toilet was serviced. The sign mounted in the kiosk indicating that motorized use of the trail is prohibited was somewhat damaged but still quite functional, so it was not replaced. Thanks to the crew comprised of Trail Captains Dale and Glen with volunteers Pat, Paul P, Adrian, Marc, Irek, Georges and Bernie.

   Maintenance Activities for 2019

Brewer Creek

Reminder: motorized access to the trailhead ends Oct. 15, 2019 and will reopen June 15, 2020.

Photo by Joe Lucas

Brewer trail is designated as a non-motorize and non-mechanical (no mountain bikes) trail by RSTBC.