Reminder: no motorized access to the trailhead starting Oct. 15, 2019 and lasting until June 15, 2020.

Photo by Joe Lucas

On July 4th, 2018, an STMS work party completed maintenance work on the Brewer Creek trail and access road. A very limited snow slide had pushed a few small trees into the roadway. Slide debris was cleared. Brushing was completed where alder had grown into the roadway. ​
the roadway. Alder grows quickly, making this an annual maintenance activity. Several of the water bars were manually cleaned to limit water flow down the road. A few of the water bars are quite deep due to erosion, making passage difficult with lower clearance vehicles. Although the last few km of the road (after crossing the bridge) are rough, it is quite passable for four-wheel-drive vehicles. The previously washed out section of the upper access road that was repaired in 2016 remains in good shape. It was noted that some water flow continued on the trail since the repairs in 2017, so a significant effort was made to clear the stream channel such that water flow on the trail would be completely avoided. Additionally, a new and more robust log footbridge was installed at the creek crossing. The trail head facilities, including the expanded parking area and the toilet, were in good shape. The non-motorized-use sign, which had again been removed from the sign kiosk, was found in the bush nearby and was re-installed. Volunteers walked the trail, clearing approximately a dozen small windfalls along the way. Some brushing was completed on the lower section of the trail. Apart from the snow slide area, the trail remained in good shape. Thanks again to our volunteers, you are all greatly appreciated!

On August 29th, 2018, additional maintenance work was undertaken on the upper access road for the Brewer Creek trail. We extensively repaired or built 23 water bars and leveled the roadway in several locations along the final 6 km to the trail head. This included removing brush and
trees to allow ditching from the water bars well of the roadway. Additionally, a very large boulder encroaching on the roadway at 4 km from the trail head was removed. We expect the efficacy of the water bars to alleviate erosion caused by spring runoff to be significantly improved. We will assess this next year following the spring run-off. While the upper access road still has rough sections due to stones, it is now much more navigable, especially for those with limited clearance vehicles.

Maintenance Activities for 2018

Brewer Creek