Photo by Joe Lucas

Bear alert: September 2

A grizzly encounter was reported near the pass.  The bear was chowing down on huckleberries and barely moved when he/she saw the hikers.  Make lots of noise and keep your dogs on a leash.

  Jumbo Pass Trail Map

Update: July 19, 2023


The road to Jumbo Pass is in relatively good shape, but a high-clearance vehicle is highly recommended for the creek crossing. 

A STMS work crew spent the day (the 19th) cutting back the vegetation on the road the last 2 km.  The fire danger was such that motorized brushsaws could not be use and the work had to be done with hand-held loopers, which slowed the work considerably.  The crew started clearing both sides of the road but switched to the left side only knowing they would not finish both side at this pace.  They hope to return in September to finish the job.


No work was done on the trail but it is in fairly good shape.

Jumbo Pass