Photo by J. Lucas

Lake of the Hanging Glacier  [LOTHG]

Hikers should be aware that there is an annual activity of placing a bridge over Hell Roaring Creek in the spring, and removing it in the fall.  There is no set date for this to happen.  This means for early and late season hikes, this bridge may not be there making the crossing impossible or very hazardous. The bridge is a very interesting design with a simple manual installation procedure.

The bridge was engineered and built by the Recreational Trails BC and then flown into the bridge site. Each year it has to be removed and stored in the forest. The bridge is locked and can not be installed by just any early  season hiker.  The reason for this annual STMS activity is that the creek channels avalanches and has high spring runoff creating a significant risk of the bridge being swept away or washed out.

Please note that the bridge across Hell Roaring Creek is removed around Thanksgiving each year. Once the bridge is removed crossing the creek is impossible or very hazardous.

On June 27, 2019 a group of volunteers completed the installation of the bridge on the trail. The trail was cleared to the second bridge and cutting of the overgrown alders down to the trailhead was also done. Thank you to our volunteers Gary, Myron, Doug, Chris, Paul Y, Georges, Paul P and Charmaine for volunteering for the work bee and getting all the work done right in time for the long weekend!

Maintenance Activities 2019

October 9, 2019

Bridge over Hell Roaring Creek is out.