Update: July 18, 2022:

Grizzly encounters

 July 15, 2022:

The bridge over Hell Roaring Creek was put in July 14, 2022.

  LOTHG Trail Map

Photo by J. Lucas

Lake of the Hanging Glacier  [LOTHG]

On July 14th a STMS crew put the bridge over Hell Roaring Creek in for the summer. There were two reports of grizzly encounters over the weekend, with one group encountering two different grizzlies.   One grizzly was a bit defensive and followed the hikers for a minute or two.  Another encounter reported the grizzly coming  towards their dog until it spotted the hiker with two other dogs.So until the snow recedes further and the bears move on, please be extra cautious, and as always, be bear aware.     No concerns were reported about the road access to the trailhead other than the usual recommendation about having a high-clearance vehicle to manage some deep water-bars and over-the-road flooding.