Maintenance Activities 2021

  July 20, 2021:

The Horsethief FSR to LOTHG has been fixed and the foot bridge over Hell Roaring Creek has been installed. 

Photo by J. Lucas

Lake of the Hanging Glacier  [LOTHG]

Hikers should be aware that there is an annual activity of placing a bridge over Hell Roaring Creek in the spring, and removing it in the fall.  There is no set date for this to happen.  This means for early and late season hikes, this bridge may not be there making the crossing impossible or very hazardous.

‚ÄčOn July 19, 2021 four volunteers drove to the Lake of Hanging Glacier trailhead for the bridge install.

Some repairs where done at the trailhead, some signs installed and found that the bridge out sign was missing.

All hiked to the bridge location and installed the bridge .

We did not proceed to check higher than the first bridge due to the weather conditions and fire restrictions on mechanized tools.

On the way back the trail was cleared with hand held  tools cutting alders and various small trees blocking the trail.

Back at the trailhead we proceeded to install the bridge in below the trail head sign and on the way back to town also installed the bridge in at the crossroads of Westside Road and Horsethief FSR.