McLean Lake Hike

Just as you reach the end of the Frances Creek FSR you will see the RSTBC sign for McLean and Azure Creek, take a sharp right into a small parking area that will fit 3-4 vehicles.  The McLean Lake hike starts here.  Be sure to sign the logbook.  You may also notice McLean is spelt “McLain” on the post.

You will travel for almost 2 km through the forest catching sight of an old logged area on the right before crossing Frances Creek.  Just before the bridge over Frances Creek you will come across what is left of an old road perpendicular to the trail.   The McLean Lake trail goes left and going right will put you on the trail to Septet Pass which is very overgrown.  Shortly after crossing the creek you start hiking on an old mine road that will take you most of the way to the lake.  Caution: due to the Frances Creek FSR closure, STMS has not completed its yearly  maintenance, so there may be tree down on the trail.

Approximately 6 km with an elevation gain of approximately 575 m

  McLean Lake Trail Map

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