Membership payment to an STMS director on the hiking trail! Photo by L. Pfeiffer

what does membership mean

Membership in STMS is a way of supporting the sustainable development and maintenance of hiking trails we all love, as well as a way to meet like minded people. 

Trail maintenance work bees need all levels of help, from technical use of chain and brush saws to shoveling, raking, clearing branches and posting directional trail signage; tasks for all sorts of capabilities and enthusiasms. Volunteer for a single work bee and feel the rewards.

General meetings are a great place to hear interesting presentations and discuss backcountry activities and issues.  They are an excellent opportunity to add your thoughts and mingle with fellow hikers. When you become a member you will receive emails about opportunities to join a work party and any notices about meetings.

STMS directors work closely with government agencies bringing forward concerns in supporting the rights of hikers, including responsible, sustainable access and respectable use in the backcountry.

STMS membership is a worthwhile investment for all hikers living and visiting in the Columbia Valley. 

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