Photo by Joe Lucas

Mt Swansea

Maintenance Activities 2018

April 28, 2018

Three days of activities have occurred on Mount Swansea so far this year:

April 20 – GPS mapping of the Tower Loop Trail and trail inspection. This is required for the new signage for Mount Swansea Trail Kiosks to be completed this summer. Activity completed by Brian Wesley. 4 Hours.
April 22 – Review with CVCS the proposed changes to the Uptrack/hiking trail. The changes are to reduce the ascent grade of the Uptrack to make the trail consistent with the required level of difficulty. CVCS wanted a hiker’s perspective on the changes. Agreement on the proposed changes was achieved. CVCS also reviewed the changes to the Hulu Girl trail lower down the mountain. These changes are to ensure that the new trail from the summit of the South Ridge to the base parking area are consistently “blue” in difficulty rating. Activity completed by Brian Wesley, STMS, TJ Neault, CVCS and AJ Strawson, International Mountain Biking Association, Canada. 4 Hours.
April 27 – Trail maintenance of the South Ridge hiking path. Trail blockage by a large fallen tree was mitigated along with a removal of a smaller fallen tree. From the 1.2km to the 3.9km distance (from the mountain road), the trail was “brushed” using a lopper. At the 3.9km point, a switch back trail was flagged to provide an alternate path for hikers (as opposed to the very steep existing track). The expectation is for RSTBC, to use their “attack crew” in May, create an alternate track through the steep section.  Activity completed by Colin Guild (alternate Captain for Mt. Swansea) and Brian Wesley. 9 Hours.

At this point, what further action will be completed on Mt. Swansea has yet to be determined. There will likely be more work in cooperation with CVCS and RSTBC (signage, picnic tables, etc.) associated with the Downhill trail build and other actions.


Mt Swansea Work Party Aug 28 2018
A work party addressed two fallen trees on the uptrack trail about .5km from the upper parking lot. The fallen tree left a large tree wad on the middle of the trail. The wad was trimmed to allow safe passage along the trail. The second tree was a splintered stump which was cut down closer to the ground and leveled off to remove the safety hazard.

Mt Swansea Work Party Sept 2 2018
Our trail captains Colin and Brian installed a new sign at the upper parking lot of Mt Swansea. The post and sign were provided by RSTBC. The post was painted and installed by STMS. Digging the hole presented its challenges. Under the first layer of soil were several rocks that required excavation and removal. Despite enlarging the hole diameter, the bedrock layer was evident before the desired depth was reached. So, they used their skills and ingenuity to create the necessary support for the post.