Important Notice

March 26, 2020 - A gate has  been installed by RSTBC 200 m from the bottom parking lot.  This gate will be closed until further notice.  This road closure is in response to the present C-19 situation and to help prevent damage to the road by early season travel.  No date has been set for the gate to be open.  Notice of it opening will be posted here.

Photo by Joe Lucas

Mt Swansea

Maintenance Activities 2019

November 18, 2019:

The Swansea Mountain 2 km gate has been closed and locked by Recreation Sites and Trails BC for overall user safety and to avoid further depredation of the road.


Mt Swansea Work Party Aug 28 2018
A work party addressed two fallen trees on the uptrack trail about .5km from the upper parking lot. The fallen tree left a large tree wad on the middle of the trail. The wad was trimmed to allow safe passage along the trail. The second tree was a splintered stump which was cut down closer to the ground and leveled off to remove the safety hazard.

Mt Swansea Work Party Sept 2 2018
Our trail captains Colin and Brian installed a new sign at the upper parking lot of Mt Swansea. The post and sign were provided by RSTBC. The post was painted and installed by STMS. Digging the hole presented its challenges. Under the first layer of soil were several rocks that required excavation and removal. Despite enlarging the hole diameter, the bedrock layer was evident before the desired depth was reached. So, they used their skills and ingenuity to create the necessary support for the post.