update: July 9, 2023

  Pedley Pass Trail Map

While there is still snow on the trial just past Bumpy Meadows where an small avalanche came down, you can easily get by and complete the loop. 

Last year saw more trail improvements  leading up to Bumpy Meadows.  The trail has been taken out of the gully and some switchbacks have been added.

Two summer ago Canfor generously donated heavy equipment, the man-hours, and the fuel cost to expand the parking lot.   It will now hold 20 or more vehicles.  A secondary parking lot was also made 0.7 km short of the trailhead as an overflow or for vehicles that can not make the last 0.7 km of road which is often very rough.

There will be active logging on the road near the first steep climb.  Watch for logging trucks and heavy equipment working close to the main road.   Drive with care.

As of July 9, active logging continues on the main road.  Watch for logging trucks and heavy equipment. 

Drive with care.

 Road Directions to Pedley Pass

Photo by Joe Lucas

Pedley Pass