Maintenance Activities for 2020

 On July 26, 2020 a group of five volunteers did a work bee at Pedley Pass. First job was to clean the outhouse, not the most fun part, but very necessary. Three members ascended the older, steeper trail towards Bumpy Meadows and the tarn. Just a short distance towards the tarn a tree had fallen across the trail, so it was removed with a chain saw. On the trail towards the ridge, a water bar was cut in to try and divert early season runoff from the main trail which is becoming braided. On the other side of the pass, two members took the newer trail and placed signage to stay on the trail where short cuts are being made. Higher up past the avalanche slopes, the trail was slanted and narrow, so it was leveled out and widened using pulaskis and shovels. It was a busy day at the trail head with a very full parking lot, so the team had opportunities to engage with hikers and promote our Society.

Photo by Joe Lucas

Pedley Pass