Pinto Mountain

Maintenance Activities for 2019

Road Advisory!  See below for more information.

Photo by Joe Lucas

JUNE 2019:  The road is clear, although a high clearance vehicle is recommended to get over some of the washouts. There are a few trees down near the beginning of the trail up into the avalanche path, but the new trail is easy to follow and makes the hike much less steep with the switch backs through the meadows and forest. There are some snow patches that cover the trail, but please try to stay on the trail so it gets compacted and more obvious. 

June 24, 2019  Road Advisory: about 3 km after taking the left turn off the main mine road, the road becomes very rough.  A bulldozer has ripped up the road in preparation for a grader.  For the next two weeks a 4-wheel drive vehicles with good clearance is a must to reach the trailhead.  As well they will be logging in that area for about a month later this summer.