Road Directions to Brewer Creek

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- From the stop lights at highway 93/95 and Athalmer Road it is approximately 22.4 km to the Hawk Road turn off on the Westside Road

- At the lights at Sobey’s turn right
- Go about 100 m to the T-intersection and turn left onto 10 Avenue
- Continue on 10th Avenue past the hospital to the first stop sign
- Turn right onto 13th Street
- Go about 300-400  m to a stop at a T-intersection --- Laird Elementary is in front of you
 - Turn left onto 13th Avenue which eventually turns into Westside Road once you leave Invermere
- Once on 13th Avenue it is about 18.3 km to Hawk Road
- At Hawk Road turn right ---  you will see a parking area immediately on your right, but continue on for another 26.5 – 27 km to the trailhead
- Once on Hawk Road you travel 11 km until you come to a fork
- You go straight (the other road goes left) up a slight hill for 0.5 km before taking less travelled road going left.  There should be a Brewer Creek sign here.
- Continue on this road for the next 15 km to the trailhead.  To avoid hiking the last 2.3 km make sure you are in a high-clearance 4-wheel drive vehicle
- Expect a 60-70 minute drive from Invermere

  Brewer Creek Trail Map