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**All distances are approximations**

- Go north through Radium to Brisco on highway 95
- Just before entering Brisco look for a dirt road on your left
- You now have 49-50 km to travel on dirt roads to the trailhead
- If you see any signs for CMH Bugaboo Lodge, following these signs, the turn off to Chalice is just before you reach the lodge
- After about 3.5 km the open fields on either side end and the main road goes right
- After 4.9 km you have a choice, bare left up a steep hill on rough roads (shorter but rough), or continue right on smoother gravel roads to km 8.4 (from the highway) where you make turn a sharp turn left and continue to km 11 (from the highway)
- Here take the road to the right
- Stay on this road for the next 35 km
- Once you pass the Bugaboo Falls Recreation Site on your left, you have about 4 km to the Chalice Creek road
- At about km 46 or 47 (from highway 95) you pass the sign for Bugaboo Provincial Park on your right
- Shortly after this look for a road on your left crossing Bugaboo Creek, take this road.  If you miss this turn you end up near the Bugaboo Lodge and you have gone too far.
- Once across the bridge there should be a sign indicating Chalice Creek Hike road going to the right off the main road
- You now travel 2.8 km to the trailhead ---- this is the part where you need a high-clearance vehicle

  Road Directions to Chalice Creek

  Chalice Creek Trail Map