Road Directions to McLean Lake

This map shows the route to the McLean/Azure Lake hikes from the turn off of the Panorama road towards Wilmer.

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  McLean Lake Trail Map

Caution:  You are travelling backcountry roads which experience tree-fall, road erosion, and flooding on a yearly basis.  As well these roads are frequently travelled by wild animals such as bear, deer, elk, and moose.  You should have a high-clearance vehicle and use caution when travelling these access roads.

Take the road to Panorama and look for the right hand turn to Wilmer just after you cross the bridge.  Going through Wilmer it is approximately 57 km to the McLean/Azure trailhead staying on the Westside Road much of the way. 

If you go through Radium, you go towards the mill turning left onto a gravel road, across the train-tracks and follow this road to stop sign.  Once you cross the tracks you are about 8.5 km from the stop sign.  You are now at the "Cross Roads" and it is approximately 42.9 km to the trailhead from here on Westside Road.  At the stop sign you turn right if coming from Radium onto the Westside Road.  Going straight would take you to LOTHG.

From Invermere or from Radium, once you are at the Cross Roads and on the Westside road travelling north, it is about 25.8 km when you must turn left off of Westside Road onto the Leadqueen-Frances Road, there should be a sign.  In another 1.8 km you turn left again onto the Frances Creek Forest Service Road (FSR), again there should be a sign.  It is now another 15.2 km to the trailhead.  Near the end there are a few fairly well travelled side roads but stay on the most travelled road to the trailhead.