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  Pinto Mtn. Trail Map

  Road Directions to Pinto Mtn.

17.5 km from the lights to the trailhead
- at 2.9 km from the lights at the intersection of highway 95/93 and Athalmer Rd., turn left onto Windermere Loop Rd just after the Bowling Alley

- at 1.1 km turn left onto the mine road at Mount Swansea (second left): CertainTeed Mine Road, the maintenance yard is right in front of you. Reset odometer to “0”

- 3.2 km past the maintenance yard turn left off of the main road onto a gravel road, start to climb.  This is the road to the old mine site

-when the road starts to climb, and after the 11 km marker,  be prepared for 10 deep water-bars added this summer (2022)

- stay on this road for the next 3 km where you take the first right that appears after you have finished climbing 

- go 800 m before you encounter a “Y”, the more travelled road veers left, take this - go another 500m to the parking lot, trail is on the right

- from the traffic lights to the parking lot you have gained 720 m and you have travelled 17.5 km

- there was new logging in the spring so the road is in good shape