Photo by Joe Lucas

Swansea Mountain

Update July 4, 2022

​​The road is open and in good shape.  All hiking trails are in good shape and there should not be any obstacles on any of the hiking trails: the main trail (shared hiking and biking - for bikes this is up only), the south ridge trail, and Ashby's Ascent.

A quick reminder for hikers NOT to  use any of the downhill mountain bike trails.  Hiking on these trails is extremely dangerous for both the hiker and the biker.  I you see someone biking down the main trail remind them it is an UP track only for bikers.  If they find the downhill trails too difficult, then direct them to take the road down.

Trail Maintenance: June 28, 2022

Swansea's yearly trail work happened recently that entailed removal of an old (very old) sign-in box, levelling of the trail in a few places, and a few "short-cut" trails were blocked with branches.  Over the years there have been numerous variations of the trail, so much so,  that the  mountain is a maze of old unused trails.  With the heavy use Swansea endures, it is important that the reclamation of old trails become an essential part of our trail maintenance, we therefore request you don't use trails (short-cuts) that are blocked by stones and branches.