Update: September 5, 2022

Forster Creek FSR
It is slow going on the the access road due to deep and plentiful pot-holes along the way.

Trailhead Access Road
As always, the access road is rough and rocky, and should be attempted only by high-clearance 4-wheel drive vehicles.  It would be a difficult road to backup on.  Drivers of low-clearance vehicles or 2-wheel drive vehicles should opt to park at the pull-out at the bottom of the access road. It is a 1.5 km hike to the trailhead from there. 


The trail to the lower lake is in good shape and some low hanging branches were removed.  Smaller trees were removed from the trail to the second lake with hand saws and pruning clippers, but there are larger trees down that will have to be removed at a later date.

Welsh Lakes

  Welsh Lakes Trail Map

Upper Welsh Lake, Photo by Joe Lucas