Upper Welsh Lake, Photo by Joe Lucas

Trail  Work for 2023 - Primitive Campsite - On Hold

Due to  the fire situation work has been delayed for the RSTBC crew that will be installing a new bridge at the start of the trail.   On hold as well is the establishment of a primitive campsite with 8 tent pads, 2 tables, a bear bin and a pit toilet up at the first two lakes.  This work by Starr Trail Solutions has also been delayed.  STS will also work on trail improvements around the first two lakes when the fire situation is less extreme.  Once established, the tent sites will be on a first come basis.

This STMS project was made possible by the support and donations from: Columbia Basin Trust, Lions Club, RSTBC, and Rotary Club.

  Welsh Lakes Trail Map

Update: July 20, 2023

If you plan on hiking to, or camping at Welsh Lakes, please be aware that the work on a new bridge at the trail-head,  as well as various trail improvements near the first two lakes, and the construction of a primitive campsite has been delayed until further notice due to the present fire situation.

Forster Creek FSR
It is slow going on the the access road due to deep and plentiful pot-holes along the way.

Trailhead Access Road
As always, the access road is rough and rocky, and should be attempted only by high-clearance 4-wheel drive vehicles.  It would be a difficult road to backup on.  Drivers of low-clearance vehicles or 2-wheel drive vehicles should opt to park at the pull-out at the bottom of the access road. It is a 1.5 km hike to the trailhead from there. 


The trail is clear of snow to the first, second and third lake, a testament to how quickly the snow had melted this year and a lower than normal snow-pack.  You will encounter patches of snow on your way to Aberystwyth Lake and perhaps down to the second lake.  Only the highest lake, the third lake, is covered with ice.

Welsh Lakes