Photo by Joe Lucas

Maintenance Activities 2020

On July 15, 2020 a crew went to Welsh Lakes. There's one big tree on the trail around 1-2 km up worthy of a chain saw, but it hasn't been removed yet. The rest of the trail to the second lake is good. The route from the second lake to the third lake is currently blocked by snow which could slide; or upon which a hiker could slide, so they did not venture up to third lake. The COVID-19 signs are up, please follow the protocols. The access road is the same as last year; rough with lots of pot holes, but navigable with a high clearance 4x4. Thanks to our volunteers who do the trail maintenance, we could not keep all the trails open without them. If you'd like to join STMS and participate in a work bee, please click the Membership tab.

​On July 30, 2020 a three person crew did a work bee at Welsh Lakes. The Forster Creek FSR is in good shape apart from three deeply rutted sections at around km 31, km 33 and km 35. The Trailhead Access Road is rough, as always, especially over the rocky sections. The outhouse was serviced: floor swept, enzyme added and two rolls of toilet paper left. Three hard-working loppers cut back all encroaching alders on the first 3 km section of the trail. One made short work of a large windblown tree across the trail at the start of the forest section, around km 2.5, with the electric chainsaw. The trail is now in great shape! 

Welsh Lakes